The Ally: Limoncello Earring

The Ally: Limoncello Earring


These modern triangles have us rooting for the A-team. These a-frame, hand-poured resin shapes are in a light creamy yellow--dangling from a hand-cut brass shape. 


  • 2.75" long x 1.45" wide
  • Titanium earring post 



**Every pair of earrings will be slightly different as each organic shape is cut by hand.

  • Return and Care

    Care: Your brass earrings come with a micro fiber cloth to clean and polish them when they begin to patina. Do not store them in a wet place, wear them in the shower, pool, etc. as this will cause them to patina more quickly.

    Be gentle with your earrings. They are sturdily made and able to withstand the test of time, if they are treated properly.


    Return: If they have not been worn, earrings can be returned two weeks after the initial purchase.