Love More Dangle Earrings

Love More Dangle Earrings


These Love More handmade earrings are a statement earring that makes a statement. They are cut out of gold mirrored, acrylic from a digital typography design by the maker, Allison Rohland. They are super lightweight--you can barely feel them! 


Gold-filled ear wire. 

3.5" long x .75" wide


Take these funky earrings for a spin to add to your modern boho style.

  • Return and Care

    All earrings can be returned undamaged and unworn up to 14 days after purchase. Please be gentle with your earrings as they are delicate. Make sure you store them in a dry, protected place. If the mirrored acrylic starts to look dirty or worn, take a soft microfiber cloth to wipe them down and they will be good as new!